How My Hike Turned From A Simple Overnight Trek To A Near Death Experience In Just A Few Short Minutes. (And The Device That Saved My Life)

Plus: Expert Tips To Never Get Caught Off Guard Like Me.

Published: March 2021

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We all like to think that we are experts in the things we enjoy doing. (I know, I sure was pretty cocky).

It can be life-threatening to be unprepared. During any crisis, the more information you have, the better prepared you are. And when it comes to gathering info, what you can see could be the difference in your survival. 

Spotting that trail or even having a few extra minutes before conflict arrives can make all the difference. 

Those few days will stick with me forever, and I hope after hearing my story, you won't have to learn the hard way as I did.


Those words rattled around my head as I was sitting lost in the wilderness, 3 days in from an "Overnight" hike.

It was the last thing I said to my wife as I was packing my gear. I triple checked all my gear one last time as I loaded everything into my car. I hit the road head into B.C. the drive wasn't terrible as I thought about the next few days. 

Everything was as I planned. Quick overnight with just myself to relax before I had to head back out to the oil rig. The drive was relatively short, just over an hour from my home. I remember hearing the local weatherman warning about something. But the chance must have been low, or I would have known about it. The rig would have called.

I flipped off the radio and finished the drive. That night everything was going perfect; I hiked up to a new trail and had made it all the way up the top of the mountain. Set up camp, ate some dinner, and fell asleep. 
The next thing I hear, it sounds like a freight train is outside my tent. I opened the flap to discover a downpour, and I couldn't see more than 20 feet in any direction!
I knew it was a mistake, but I couldn't stay up here in these conditions. Sleeping through the night is out of the question, and who knows how bad it's going to get. I was just a few miles from my car, and I packed quickly what I could grab in my backpack and took off.
As I attempted to backtrack, I got hopelessly turned around; my compass was useless in the storm, so I decided to hunker down and ride it out the best I could. When the storm finally broke, it was morning. 
I knew I needed to go north to get back to my car, but I got even further lost between the washed out trail and downed trees than I was before. 

Later, I learned that a search was launched when I failed to show up at the scheduled time. Over the next few days, I attempted to find a trail that would lead to safety. As the route I was taking started veering away from north but was remaining safe, I stopped to consider what I needed to do. I knew I needed a better view, but all the trails back up the mountain were dangerous, but I could shake that it was the best way to regain my bearings. 
This was when I made the biggest mistake yet. I left the open areas I had been traveling and entered into deep wilderness. I knew that no aircraft would be able to see me, but if I could just get back up the mountain, I could just quickly save myself. I didn't have the energy or the supplies for any more time out here.
When the search party found me 2 days later, I was dangerously dehydrated, hungry, and bruised up. The next thing I see is a man loading me onto a stretcher, and before I was hoisted up to the helicopter, I asked.

 "How did you find me? And what happened to my head?

The man explained that usually, there would be no way they would have found me so quickly if it wasn't for that man over there. See, he was on foot at the top of the mountain with everyone else looking but had brought something from home to help.
The EMT pulled out a cylinder from his pocket, he called it a portable telescope! He saw it online a few years back and picked it up. I remembered it saying it could see farther and clearer than most binoculars. So he figured he would grab it just in case.
And for your sake, thankfully, he did. He not only spotted you first but was able to get a clear enough image to pick you out in the brush. The rest of the crew almost didn't believe he saw you it was so far out. 
You were over a few miles away when they finally found you!
Sure enough, there you were, It looked like you had slipped and fell. If we didn't get you patched up when we did, this could have been a lot worse. And with that, the helicopter had shown up and hoisted me in. I knew that I needed to find out what this device was as soon as I was able. 
Since then, I've made sure to have one in every vehicle and pack in my home. It's quickly become one of my most prized tools. I never want to feel that unprepared again. 
Oh, and I later went back to the spot they found me with my new Portable Telescope, and I was able to pick up the trail I needed to be on in seconds. If I had that with me the day after the storm, I would have easily got back home. 
So I bet you're wondering....

This portable telescope is a revolutionary new design in the first attempt to use nanotechnology to increase the range and clarity of the image dramatically.
The purpose of this was to achieve maximum magnification with the smallest effective lens while still maintaining the image quality. 
You'll see when you get one yourself how mind-blowing it really is.

It's truly been a lifesaver and so easy to use.
This portable telescope can see anything.

  • Easily observe people or things 6 miles away.
  • Built-in night vision: This allows you to use it normally at night.
  • Autofocus: Blur the background function so that you can focus on observing the person or things you need to observe.
  • Telescopic anti-shake system: The telescope's field of view is very stable even when it reaches a magnification of hundreds of times. Its performance is even better than most astronomical telescopes.
  • The shell is made of a titanium alloy with a higher specific strength and weighs only 1.1 pounds. After retracting, the length is only 7.87 inches, and you can easily put it in a backpack or pocket when hunting, traveling, or camping.
  • Waterproof, Dust-proof, and Shockproof Design : Nitrogen-filled waterproof and O-ring sealed optics prevent moisture, dust, and debris and ensures the living waterproof function.

I know it sounds almost too good to be true, right? 

You have to be thinking about how much does something like this costs.

This portable telescope has saved me thousands of hours in time. Ensured I've been able to track deer for hunting and so much more continuously. 

However, before I found this site, every portable telescope I found was listed for well over $200, and none of them did everything this one was able to. 

It usually retails for $100+S/H, which seems like a fair price and given all it can do when compared to your safety.

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I want you never to have to worry again!

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